90 Day Guarantee

Our Promise

Any student you apply one of our Original Rainbow or New Heights programmes to (5.5-12 year reading level), within 90 days of purchase, will progress a whole year reading level providing:

  1. The Rainbow level purchased is at their Instructional reading level (90%–94% accuracy).
  2. Each of the 20 book titles, at the level, have been read with audio support and independent practice. 
  3. At least one of the programme's title-specific activities for each book has been completed.

Proof the above 3 points have been completed would need to be provided i.e. before and after Running Records and Record of Learning.

If the above has been completed and a year's progress has not occurred, we will provide an additional 20 (different) books at the same level as well as unlimited professional assistance from our Educational Consultant for no charge. 
-Request of this must occur within 90 days of you receiving the programme.

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