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Guaranteed Improvement Kit: GREEN SERIES

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ISBN: 9781869746452
KIT SIZE - number of pens

This Kit contains:

*All books can be audio-assisted via the Reading Pen.
**Activities come on a USB Card and download link. There are 5 title-specific activities for each book to deepen comprehension and learning: Running Records, CLOZE, Dice Game, Text Sequencing, Word Search and Writing.

The awesome book titles in the New Heights series are:

  1. All the Extras
  2. The Amazing Jeans
  3. Bloodthirsty
  4. The Blue Whale
  5. Dream On Catalogue
  6. From Snurfer to Snowboarder
  7. Help
  8. Hovercraft
  9. Intruder
  10. Just Like Magic
  11. The Light and Sound Man
  12. Megabyte Adrienne
  13. My Extraordinary Family
  14. Pedro's Great Idea
  15. Picasso Paula
  16. Take a Whiff
  17. Teenage Racer
  18. Thanks For Listening
  19. To The Rescue
  20. Under The Starfruit Tree

The awesome book titles in the Rainbow series are:

  1. A Rat called Nora
  2. Barney, the Gentle Giant
  3. Catch of the Day
  4. Chicken Time
  5. Chopper
  6. Cyclone
  7. Extra Ordinary
  8. Four Wheelin' Fun
  9. Free Firewood
  10. Holiday in Space
  11. I'm a Billionaire
  12. Kites
  13. Oliver, the Kitten
  14. Serious Fishing
  15. Teacher's Pet
  16. The Big, Black Horse
  17. The Snow-Cave
  18. Walking the Dog
  19. When Did It Happen
  20. Whitebait Fritters


    Everything you need to start a group of up to 3 students (1 conferencing with teacher/tutor, 1 or 2 learning independently with a pen each) at this reading level.


    New Heights: 12 pages, 19.5cm high x 13.5cm wide
    Original Rainbow: 8 pages, 18.5cm high x 12.7cm wide

    USB Card: 8.3cm x 5.2cm

    Net: 14.5cm x 3cm x 2.5cm - only 50 grams!
    In box: 17.1cm x 8.6cm x 3.6cm

    TOTAL WEIGHT: 1.9kg